Baitulmaal, Inc.
Baitulmaal Institutes compassionate projects worldwide to improve the lives of disaster victims, underprivileged children, the sick, elderly, widows, orphans and needy families regardless of race, nationality or religion. Our activities are based on principles of Islamic teachings which stress the dignity and sanctity of human life.
Compassion ForMama

Baitulmaal provides life essentials to mothers in need around the world. When war, poverty, and displacement impact access to food, water, healthcare, and other necessities, we must step in to help. Join us in ensuring mothers have what they and their children need to thrive.

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Ramadan ForMama

Mothers and children require adequate nutrition and hygiene to thrive, but many struggle to access these necessities even in Ramadan. Support Baitulmaal in providing aid during the holy month of Ramadan. Your support ensures no family is short of life's essentials this month.

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Fatmah Muhammad
Compassion ForMama
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