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Malawi Maternal Care: Save a Life, Change a Life

In Malawi, ~70% of pregnant women face birthing complications due to issues accessing maternal health services, many walk 9 km+ to reach a clinic, and in the rural area of Balaka, community members are losing their lives due to the crocodile infested river separating them from the nearest facility.

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Malawi Maternity Project

Globally, 94% of all maternal deaths occur in low and middle-income countries, yet most of these deaths could have been prevented (WHO). In Malawi, we serve mothers & babies in areas with limited access to maternal care by providing health check ups, antenatal and postnatal appointments, rehabilitating/building maternity clinics, and training healthcare workers to improve the quality of care provided in the long-term. Our work therefore aims to support and invest in local clinics and communities in order to develop a sustainable method of improving maternal health services for those in need.

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