Goodwill Caravan
Support Goodwill Caravan, a global force against trafficking and changing lives. We assist refugees, especially mothers and children, offering medical aid in Palestine, Egypt, and beyond. Help us shape a hopeful future for the most vulnerable.
Palestinian children

In Cairo, our team met with newly arrived Palestinian families, urgently requesting psychosocial support for their young children. These kids, bearing the brunt of displacement, need immediate help to thrive in their new environment. Our mission is to provide the care they desperately need.

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Empowering Palestinian Refugees in Cairo

Help us establish a psychosocial hub in Cairo dedicated to supporting children and families escaping the horrors in Palestine. This centre will not only offer critical psychological care for healing but will also incorporate innovative therapies such as art, dance, and music to aid the emotional well-being of children. Educational workshops will empower mothers with knowledge to strengthen families & communities. Your contribution is vital in making a significant impact and providing necessary care to those who have faced tremendous adversities

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