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Pious Projects of America was founded in 2014 with a simple mission: to take the guesswork out of charity by being the most honest and transparent platform available to the public. Our campaigns are backed with video updates, and our teams are diligent, closely monitoring where your money goes and its scale of impact. We understand the expectations that come with your generous contributions. Therefore, we’ve chosen to go above and beyond, relinquishing all mandatory admin fees* that are customary of the typical charity platform and spending exceptionally below average on overhead and fundraising costs. The donations we receive are an amanah–a duty–placed in our trust.
Empowering Mothers, Strengthening Communities

Join us in our mission to empower maternal health care in Mali & Gaza. In regions where access to quality healthcare is limited, we're dedicated to making a meaningful difference. Your support will help establish maternal hospitals equipped with essential resources and skilled medical professionals.

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Life-Saving Maternal Care

Our commitment extends far beyond mere medical treatment. We are dedicated to empowering mothers with knowledge, support, and dignity. By strategically allocating resources to prenatal care, safe deliveries, postnatal support, and comprehensive family planning services, we aim to significantly diminish maternal mortality rates and guarantee improved outcomes for both mothers and their newborns. Together, let's nurture hope for mothers and families in Mali and Gaza, and contribute to a world where every mother receives the care and support she rightfully deserves.

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Empowering Mothers, Strengthening Communities
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