For Mama Campaign Launches Fundraising Effort to End Today's Urgent - and Solvable - Maternal Mortality Crisis.

During Ramadan, UK and North American faith-based charities rally urgently-needed support to save the lives of mothers and babies around the world. Scholars announce Zakat eligibility for campaign.

LONDON, MARCH 11, 2024 — Under the For Mama campaign, a coalition of 20+ faith-inspired philanthropic organizations launched a new fundraising effort to mobilize much-needed resources to protect mothers and babies worldwide from preventable deaths. Anyone can donate by visiting to provide mothers and babies with the care, tools, and resources they need to survive and thrive.

For many women around the world, childbirth is the most dangerous day of their lives - every two minutes a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth. Each one of these deaths brings unimaginable loss and leaves behind a critical gap in families and communities alike.

While the maternal health crisis affects women everywhere, women of color, women in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), and those living in humanitarian settings are especially vulnerable.

  1. LMICs are home to almost 95% of all maternal deaths, nearly all of which are preventable.
  2. In the U.S., more than 2.2 million women live in maternal care deserts - areas with no hospitals or birth centers providing obstetric care - disproportionately affecting Black mothers.
  3. In Muslim-majority countries, maternal and infant deaths are twice as high as the global average.

Most of these deaths are entirely preventable with existing tools and access to consistent, quality care throughout pregnancy.

Faith-based charities issue a collective response

In response to this staggering reality, For Mama partners rallied together this Ramadan (10 March - 10 April 2024) to encourage greater investments in maternal and newborn health.

“'For Mama' is the first-of-its-kind campaign mobilizing the Muslim community to advocate and prioritize giving to mothers' and babies' health. The power of the Muslim philanthropic community is tremendous, and harnessing that collective power will transform lives in the US and globally.“ — Isra Chaker, Campaign Lead, For Mama.

The For Mama campaign has received Zakat eligibility from globally recognized religious scholars, making it a worthy charitable cause for practicing Muslims and individuals of all faiths and backgrounds.

“As a father and a Muslim, I know the central role mothers play within our families, our communities and our faith,” said Shaykh Navaid Aziz, Director, Public Relations, Al-Maghrib Institute. “I hope the Muslim community sees maternal and newborn health as an important area for donations this Ramadan.”

Donations made to For Mama will support maternal and newborn health programs across North America, the United Kingdom and around the world.

Charitable organizations and faith-based philanthropies participating in the For Mama campaign include: Amoud Foundation, Baitulmaal, Inc., Doctors Worldwide, Goodwill Caravan, Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HiHFAD), Human Concern International (HCI) Canada, Islamic Relief USA, Karam Foundation, Lady Fatemah Trust, MedGlobal, Muslim Aid USA, Muslim Aid UK, the National Zakat Foundation, Penny Appeal Canada, Penny Appeal USA, Pious Projects, Sudanese American Physicians Association (SAPA), Syrian Community Network, Vital Pakistan Trust, The Zahra Trust, and Zaman International.

Donations go further

To inspire donations and multiply the campaign's impact, for every $3 USD raised by the For Mama campaign, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be donating an additional $1 USD — up to $3,000,000 USD.

“No woman should die giving birth, and no child should grow up without a mother,” said Alaa Murabit, the Director of Global Policy, Advocacy and Communications, Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “Most maternal deaths can be prevented with quality care and interventions, such as maternal azithromycin, IV iron, and advanced postpartum hemorrhage drapes. We are proud to support the For Mama campaign to ensure that lifesaving care, tools, and resources reach the mothers and babies who need them most.”

Anyone interested in joining the For Mama campaign can visit to learn how they can help end the maternal mortality crisis and ensure the health of moms and babies. To learn more about the For Mama campaign, visit

Partner Quotes (Listed in alphabetical order by organization)

“As founding partners, we stand united with the 'For Mama' campaign and reaffirm our commitment to protecting mothers and babies. This cause is not just an opportunity to center mothers' and babies' access to proper healthcare, but a duty, aligning deeply with our Islamic values of compassion and safeguarding every precious life around the globe.” — Ahmed Shehata, IRUSA CEO
“Joining the For Mama campaign reinforces our commitment to the Lady Fatemah Trust's Maternal Health programs. Eliminating all avoidable maternal and infant deaths aligns with our efforts for our Million Mothers pledge, and fostering advanced access to equipment facilities and training.” — Mukhtar Karim, CEO, Lady Fatemah Trust
“Pregnant women face daily challenges all over the globe especially when disasters hit. They are among the first to be deprived of their access to prenatal care putting their lives and the lives of unborn child in danger. We have to work together to improve access to healthcare, enhance maternal and newborn health, and eliminate preventable maternal and newborn death. One death of a delivering woman or newborn baby is too many.” — Dr. Zaher Sahloul, MD, Co-founder and President, MedGlobal
“Too often, the needs and experiences of vulnerable women are overlooked, and our partnership with For Mama challenges us to reflect on how we can extend life-saving interventions to those who need them most. Our OrphanKind program does exactly that - supporting women and their children to lead fulfilling and resilient lives despite the challenges faced by mothers around the world.” — Shafaq Zia, Chief Programs Officer, Penny Appeal USA
“As a community-based Muslim organization, we're proud to be part of the For Mama campaign. Child and maternal health are cornerstones not just of our faith, but also of a compassionate and ethical society, and we're thrilled to be in partnership in addressing these critical needs.” — John Robbins, CEO of Penny Appeal USA
“Having worked in Mali for ten years now, our team has witnessed the sheer grit possessed by the Malian woman. She is beauty and she is strength. Protective and unwavering by nature, she puts her needs last. But we will put her first. The health and well-being of mothers around the globe is of the utmost priority at Pious Projects. Women cannot, and should not, be expected to go through the life-altering transition of motherhood alone. We cannot fail them any longer. Maternal mortality should be at the forefront of all of our minds.” — Jumana El-Ammori, Pious Projects
“In times of turmoil, the sanctity of motherhood remains a beacon of hope and resilience. In SAPA, we are deeply committed to the 'For Mama's Hope for Motherhood' campaign, ensuring that every mother and child in Sudan receive the care and protection they deserve, in harmony with our cherished Muslim values of compassion and care for all life.” — Yasir Yousif Elamin, President, SAPA
“Mothers are the foundation of our families and the fabric of our societies. At SCN, we are committed to providing refugee and immigrant mothers with the proper care and support necessary to allow them, and subsequently our communities, to thrive.” — Suzanne Akhras, Co-Executive Director, Syrian Community Network
“At The Zahra Trust, we hold a deep belief, inspired by Islamic values, that honoring and supporting mothers is a cornerstone of a compassionate society. Our project for maternal, newborn, and children's healthcare is a heartfelt effort to embody this belief, ensuring every mother and child receives the care and dignity they deserve.” — Salim Kassam, Marketing Manager, The Zahra Trust
“We know that when a mother falls, her family and household fall right behind her. This critical work of stabilizing mothers and giving them the tools to achieve sustainability has a multi-generational impact.” — Najah Bazzy, CEO & Founder, Zaman International

About For Mama

Launched by a coalition of U.S. and U.K. faith-inspired philanthropies and donors, For Mama aims to raise awareness of the high rates of maternal deaths around the world, which impact our most vulnerable women whose needs and experiences are too often overlooked.

The campaign challenges all of us to think about what we can — and should do— 'for mama' to ensure that life-saving interventions reach the mothers and babies who need them most.

Visit to learn more.

For press inquiries, please reach out to [email protected]

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