Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HiHFAD)
Previously known as Hand in Hand for Syria and was established as a UK registered Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO) soon after the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011 by a group of British Syrians to deliver humanitarian assistance to civilians impacted by the conflict. The foundation has grown to become one of the leading humanitarian actors, serving communities both inside Syria, Türkiye and in neighboring countries. Employing over 1,200 humanitarian workers and technicians, we focus on delivering multi-sectoral, integrated programs to serve the most vulnerable in partnership with INGOs and United Nations agencies. Our strong implementation capacity, high levels of community trust and acceptance in the field granted us unparalleled access to most vulnerable and hard to reach areas including Yemen and Gaza.
We Could Have Saved Their Lives

More Mothers and Babies at Risk! We seek not only to raise awareness but also to drive concrete action towards ending maternal and babies deaths. Join us in this vital mission—for every mother, every family, every community. Your support will save lives.

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With nearly 94% of all maternal deaths occurring in low and lower middle-income countries and a glaring global shortage of nearly 1 million midwives, the urgency to act is now. By joining forces, we can extend life-saving interventions and education to those in dire need, embodying the campaign's commitment to safeguarding mothers and babies the irreplaceable foundation of every community. We invite donors to contribute to this noble cause, helping us turn the tide against maternal and infant mortality and ensuring they worldwide have the chance to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

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We Could Have Saved Their Lives: More Mothers and Babies at Risk!
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