Karam Foundation
Karam invests in young Syrian refugees and their families, providing the tools and opportunities to build a better future for themselves and their communities.
Ramadan of Resilience for Displaced Families

Karam is providing support to refugee families living in camps following the earthquakes in southern Türkiye and the Ghusn al-Zaitoun area. For many vulnerable families, Ramadan is a period of increased hardship. Help provides immediate relief and nurture long-term recovery and resilience.

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Renew Hope & Rebuild Lives

As Ramadan nears, the spirit of giving and community becomes paramount, especially for Syrian refugee families displaced by last year’s earthquakes in southern Türkiye and Syria. Karam's campaign focuses on delivering essential supplies, fostering community Iftars, and providing education to those in dire need. Your donation goes beyond aiding with basic necessities; it's an investment in long-term resilience and empowerment of earthquake-affected communities. Bring hope by contributing to a future where every displaced family has the support to recover and thrive.

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Marwa Almostafa
Ramadan of Resilience for Displaced Families
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