Ramadan of Resilience for Displaced Families
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As Ramadan approaches, we are reminded of the importance of community and supporting families in need. This year, Karam is providing essential support to refugee families living in camps following the earthquakes in southern Türkiye and in the Ghusn al-Zaitoun area. 

For many vulnerable families, Ramadan is also a period of increased hardship. This campaign is not only about immediate relief but also about nurturing long-term recovery and resilience within these communities.

With your support, we're bringing essential lifelines to those hardest hit by the earthquakes—delivering nourishment, clean water, and the basic necessities that mothers and children desperately need. Imagine the difference a food basket, brimming with essentials for the holy month, can make in the lives of Syrian families in camps, offering them the dignity to observe Ramadan and alleviate some of the hardships they face daily.

We're doing more than just meeting physical needs. Our Iftar gatherings are heartwarming occasions that knit communities closer, turning camps into havens of solidarity and mutual support. And through education and empowerment programs, we're investing in the future of Syrian refugee youth and families, igniting hope and paving the way for lasting recovery. Your donation isn't just a gift; it's a catalyst for change and a testament to the power of community. Let's make this Ramadan a time of generous giving and profound impact.

Your donation is zakat-eligible and is an opportunity to help those in need while making a tangible difference in the lives of displaced families in the camps. Every contribution provides more than just meals; it’s about giving hope, stability, and a path to recovery.

Your support can change lives, offering more than just aid—it offers a message of solidarity. hope and is an investment in the future of communities hit hardest by the earthquake. Join us in making a difference this Ramadan. Donate today.

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