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Every 2 minutes, a mother dies during/after her pregnancy period. Every day, a baby is in need of urgent life-saving treatment. Join HCI in providing vulnerable mothers and infants with long-term sustainable necessities, urgent life-saving treatment and much more in Gaza, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria. Support this campaign and save lives.

For many years, HCI has devoted their efforts to providing vulnerable Mothers and Children with a safe life. Our team works with displaced families, widowed mothers, and Orphaned infants and children. We are committed to bringing crisis to sustainability for our Mothers and Livelihood. Join us to bring them the relief they deserve. 

What will we do?

HCI will provide Long-term care, Urgent Medical aid (i.e. prenatal and post-natal care), life-saving treatments for injured children (i.e. surgeries, etc.), ease Mother’s financial burdens, ​​and provision of adequate shelter for the children and their families.

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